Saturday, April 21, 2007

Obligatory Rambling Introduction

It's a thought experiment that I've been noodling off & on for four years now. More off than on truth be told. But this being the day after the "420 holiday", it's as good a time as any to use this blog to pull my thoughts together to put this concept into words. And hopefully in time, begin to put it into action.

Guessing here, but a strain of C. Sativa bred specifically for Mars would be called Cannabis Aresii. I need to double check on the suffix for accuracy, but for now C. Aresii works for me.

And as on Earth, it can be bred for a wide variety of uses; industrial, medical, spiritual or recreational.

Like here on Earth, the locals will give it popular names; for example, recreational users could call it 'Barsoomian Kush' or 'Tharsis Thunderf*ck'. Indeed, what about one honoring the late great Marshead (and marijuana user) Carl Sagan : 'Cosmos Chronic'? No doubt they (or for that matter anybody else who reads this post) will come up with much better names than these.

But whatever it's called, I truly believe sustainable human communities on the planet Mars isn't possible without it.

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