Saturday, May 17, 2008

MARSTAFARI: A 21c interplanetary ideology

I have been a member of the US Democratic Party since I was old enough to vote. Right now that party has a choice between a party hack and a rock star.

Neither give a shit about Mars.

So what would happen if the concept of "Martian" became a socio-political party? In that context, every political decision made in American government will be one that benefits the move to Mars, no matter the issue. notwithstanding, there's no way humans can "Mayflower" themselves to another planet. Besides matters of International Law to contend with, there's always the fundamental requirement of cold hard cash. Remember that movie " The Right Stuff "? An astronaut rhetorically asks the german rocket scientists what make the rocket fly, and he yells at them: "Funding. That's what. No bucks, no Buck Rogers."

If those in power are ideologically committed to a Martian movement, then will there be a chance for ALL people to leave the Earth for Mars if they so desire to do so. Laws can be revised and cash can be found.

Many have had input in to the NASA system: The Planetary Society, The Mars Society, Ad Astra, etc. They have been around for several administrations. Now ask yourself how much closer are we as private citizens to leaving Earth?

This then is the Martian Agenda mentioned in the subtitle of this blog. And irregardless of how kooky anyone in the mainstream thinks about it, I hearby resign from the Democratic Party and will go to voter registration and register myself as MARSTAFARI.

Remember: it worked for the Religious Right. It worked for the Greens. It can work for the...Butterscotch.

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