Thursday, May 1, 2008

Martian Solidarity on "Talk Like a Commie Day"

As old school Pirates were heavily involved in the Slave Trade, I don't celebrate " Talk Like a Pirate Day". So I submit this for your aproval as another geek holiday: May 001 as "Talk Like a Commie Day". And here's my submission to you.

" Greetings comrades for the Red Planet:

"We artistic agro-hempsters of the Red Planet offer our solidarity in your struggles whatever they may be. Never forget that all struggles are interconnected, both on and off your home planet.

"This is the sol to bang vigorously the shoe of discontent upon the surface of the table of oppression. Make post-industrial society understand that the time has come for Martian emigres to UNITE and MOVE off this damp blue prison planet! "

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